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All of the loans offered at SLO Credit Union give you:

  • Low rates
  • Flexible terms
  • No credit check fee
  • No early payoff or prepayment penalty

Loan Products Offered

  • New and Used Auto
  • New and Used RV
  • Signature and Signature Line of Credit
  • HELOCs
  • Closed Equity
  • Overdraft Line of Credit
  • ARM 1st Mortgages
Loan Rates - Effective Thursday, September 29, 2022
Loan TypeRates as low asTerms & Information
New Vehicle » 3.05% 60 M
Used Vehicle » 3.30% 60 M
Signature Loan » 7.99% 36 M
New RV or Boat » 3.99% 60 M
Used RV or Boat » 4.14% 60 M
New Motorcycle, ATV or Jetski » 3.19% 60 M
Used Motorcyle, ATV or Jetski » 3.34% 60 M
Share Secured » 3.05% 36 M
$500 Overdraft LOC » 15.00% 60 M Lower Rate Pending on Credit Score

How to Apply?

You can apply online! From this page, click on online banking. You will be redirected to Click on apply for a loan and follow the prompts. You don’t need to be a member to apply.   

10 Ways to Make Your Loan Payment With Us:

  1. Account to Account Transfer
  2. Mobile Deposit Check Directly to Your Loan
  3. Bill Pay From Your Other Financial Institution
  4. ACH Direct Deposit
  5. Transfer Between SLOCU Accounts Initiated Online
  6. Transfer Between SLOCU Accounts Through Our Mobile App
  7. At The Branch
  8. At a Participating COOP Shared Branch
  9. Drop Box Deposit
  10. Mail Directly to SLOCU

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