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Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfers are automatic deposits and payments which are:

  • Safe – because it reduces the risk of your money or information being lost or stolen.
  • Convenient – because it saves time, eliminates standing in line.
  • Dependable – your money is automatically deposited in your account on your pay date or withdrawn on the due date. Go on vacation with no worries about how you are going to make your payments or deposits.
  • Cost-Effective – no postage and no checks to write, plus SLO Credit Union offers this as a free service.

You can pre-authorize periodic bills, such as utility, insurance and mortgage payments, to be electronically transferred to other parties from your SLO Credit Union account. This is called ACH Direct Payment. Contact the firm receiving the payments to find out their procedure to initiate this service. You might be asked to provide SLO Credit Union’s routing and transit number which is: 322282674.

Or vice versa! If you want to have funds sent from somewhere else and deposited into your account at SLO Credit Union, we can receive electronic funds transfers, too.

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